The DataPhys Project

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From an early age we hear or use the phrase “Want me to draw it for you?” when you or someone doesn’t understand something, and sometimes it’s really better to make a drawing, is not it?
Data Visualization works in the same way, not only transforms complex data sets into easy to understand graphical diagrams, but it also creates beautiful visualizations that call the attention and make people engage, consume and understand the information. Similar to this discipline, but not purely visual, we have the data physicalization. This different term and perhaps unknown, basically helps us to understand and communicate data and information using physical representations, which allows different interactions than usual.
Today we use the same approach to present total different information, have you noticed? Maybe you had saws on tv or some magazine, a bar chart used to show the election results in the same way that it’s used to communicate the countries GDP or even the numbers of murders.
The point is, nowadays, with the excess of information that we receive it’s getting harder a representation of data takes our attention.
To sum up, the challenge is to transcend the vision and touch channels and explore more human and emotional ways to communicate the data.

“A project that communicates information in a beautiful and unusual way. Using simple features, Evandro Damião a data intelligence professional from Brazil creates a project that allows even blind people to interact with graphics through audio, braille, acrylic and a lot of creativity.”